UNESCO and Other Organizations Supporting Youth Education

UNESCO is supporting youth education around the world by embedding sustainability issues into education and other sectors. The YEF Institute works with local leaders to place children and their families at the center of decision-making processes. And, youth-focused organizations such as YouthBuild and Marine Outreach Education are bringing jobs and education to at-risk youth. Read more to learn more about these organizations and the impact they are having on their communities. There are many organizations that focus on improving education and inclusion for at-risk youth.

UNESCO supports youth education through integrating SD issues in education

UNESCO is committed to supporting youth education by integrating Sustainable Development issues into the curriculum. Its work is done through a variety of different mechanisms. Teachers are primarily responsible for implementation and evaluation of these activities. A few activities are held in schools every month or semester. Others are held daily or weekly. All are part of UNESCO’s Youth Education Programme. The activities include a variety of methods and are designed to help teachers make decisions about how best to implement the curriculum in their countries.

UNESCO’s youth education programme focuses on three key SDGs: equity, inclusion, and quality. The goal is to make youth education relevant to the marginalised communities in which it is conducted. These goals are important in helping countries develop and achieve sustainable development. Youth education is a vital tool to achieve sustainable development. By integrating SD issues into education, youth can learn about the importance of global sustainability while making a difference in their communities.

YEF Institute supports local leaders in placing children and families at the forefront of decisions

In addition to supporting local leaders in putting children and families at the center of city decisions, the YEF Institute offers technical assistance projects and peer learning networks. These initiatives focus on the development of strong early learning systems that are rooted in the local context. These initiatives also help local leaders implement policies to promote child-friendly environments. In addition to its programs, the Institute supports local leaders in improving the quality of public schools and other youth-related services.

For example, the National League of Cities (NLC) defines a small city as one with a population of 50,000 or less. The YEF Institute defines a mid-sized city as one with a population of 75,000 or less. This means that there are approximately 6,000 cities in the United States that are considered to be small or mid-sized. Achieving a goal requires a comprehensive strategy, and the YEF Institute provides guidance to help cities implement a comprehensive approach.

YouthBuild provides job training for at-risk youth

The mission of YouthBuild is to provide at-risk youth with hands-on construction experience and education to help them succeed in college and the workforce. Through its projects, the program trains at-risk youth in carpentry, plumbing, and other technical skills that will enable them to find jobs in the construction industry. It also offers members the chance to earn a nationally recognized certificate and to participate in community service projects. As a result, participants are paid while improving their communities and gaining valuable work experience.

To ensure the effectiveness of YouthBuild, a grantee must meet the required reporting standards and performance levels. The program’s regulations must include a summary of the collection and use of information as well as the due dates for the reports. For example, the program requires workers to obtain OSHA-10 safety certification and to have a 48-hour HAZWOPER certificate. YouthBuild may also require participants to earn credentials in other green industries.

Marine Outreach Education provides job training for at-risk youth

Youth Build is a program that helps at-risk youth aged 16 to 27 transform their lives. Through this program, youth can earn a high school diploma, become involved in the community, and get prepared for post-secondary training opportunities. The program’s mission is to help youth overcome challenges they face in life so they can become successful in their chosen career fields. To support youth with job training, the nonprofit also partners with local businesses.


If you live in Cass or Beltrami County, Nebraska, you can apply to participate in the YouthBuild youth education program. The program reaches at-risk youth by offering them educational programs and productive roles in communities. Participants in the program earn skills that lead to well-paying jobs. YouthBuild is a nonprofit organization with over a decade of experience helping young people in these communities succeed. This organization serves students in need of financial assistance and other support.

As a nonprofit, YouthBuild USA is a support center for an international network of 290 local programs in 18 countries. The YouthBuild USA program has 233 programs in the United States and 57 in 17 other countries. The organization provides technical assistance and leadership development to local YouthBuild programs, and supports the growth of the movement through advocacy and other ways to strengthen the program. For more information, visit youthbuild.usa.org.

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