Growing-up exercise for teenager.

Growing-up exercise

Except for heredity, the three components of growth are nutrition, growth plate stimulation, and sufficient sleep. If any of them are not balanced, healthy growth cannot be achieved.

Nutrition requires a balanced diet, vitamins, and minerals, and the more you sleep, the better, but growth hormones are secreted vigorously when you fall into deep sleep, so it is important to sleep well even if you sleep for a small amount of time.

And what’s left is exercise, which is very important because it promotes metabolism and stimulates appetite so that nutrition can be provided smoothly, and above all, it stimulates the growth plate so that bones can be large.

There are several sports that stimulate youth and children’s growth plates, including stretching, iron bars, jump rope, swimming, and basketball. Among them, today we will learn about the height growth effect of jump rope for children and teenagers, how to jump rope, and trampoline, a good exercise for growing taller.

The effect of jump rope on growing adolescents and children

Height growth = Bone growth

The key is calcium. However, calcium itself has a low absorption rate, so magnesium and vitamin D are supplied in a balanced manner to help absorb and form bones properly. Therefore, calcium supplements are mostly sold in the form of a compound mixed with magnesium or vitamin D.

Another important nutrient is protein. Proteins, the core of muscle production, are indirectly involved in bone production and play an important role in increasing bone density.

Protein intake is essential for the bones to stretch out firmly. In adults, lack of protein decreases bone density and increases the likelihood of osteoporosis.

When nourished, the next role becomes sleep and exercise. Only when sufficient sleep time is secured, growth hormones are secreted normally, and as bones grow healthy in the growth plate stimulated by appropriate exercise, they grow taller.

What is the effect of jump rope?

Exercise that is good for height growth is effective when pressure is applied to the bone (growth plate = bone cartilage) in a vertical direction (down and down). The pressure of the downward load and the upward stretching ejection are repeated, making it an ideal stimulus when a force is applied up and down to the growth plate.

The growth plate grows vertically at both ends of the bone joint, and the more stimulated it is, the more the growth plate is stimulated, the more the growth hormone secretions are promoted, and bones are formed and grown smoothly, so “jump exercise” works.

In conclusion, basketball and jump rope are repetitive exercises, so it is a good exercise to stimulate the growth plate relatively more than other sports.

Choice of jump rope and method of jump rope

Nowadays, most of them are adjustable in length, so it is a priority to adjust the length of the line to “height + 55cm” after purchasing. It is ideal if both grips of the jump rope are located between the waist and chest when stepped on and pulled by the foot.

The material of the rope is pvc and nylon rope type, but the vinyl side is lighter, making it easier for children to use, and the rope type is recommended for teenagers or older. The handle is various, such as wood, sponge, and plastic, but the wood is not slippery and the sponge or plastic is light, so it is good.

There are various types of jump rope

such as luminous, LED, color jump rope, and sound jump rope, and there are even jump rope without a line. Look carefully and choose the products that suit your taste.

10 minutes of jump rope is the amount of exercise equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Therefore, it is appropriate to give children 20 times, 50 times, 100 times, and 200 times for each age group, giving them a break in the middle, and within 30 minutes at the longest. If it feels like playing with friends, not exercising, it won’t be too much for more than an hour.

And when jumping rope, the concrete floor has a lot of impact, so the soil floor is good because it can cause problems with knees or ankles. Shoes also need to be prepared with high cushioning sneakers so that they can absorb impact.

And since nutrition is always good right after exercise, a cup of milk can be a tonic for growing children right after exercise.


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Knowhow Life

Adolescent Eye Health Care

1. Eye Health Care – Verification of pseudomyopia

Adolescent Childhood children who don’t know well even if their eyes get bad, check for pseudomyopia!

Eyesight, which is mostly completed before the age of nine, is important enough to determine lifelong vision.

However, parents need special attention because they are still at an age where it is difficult to express eye abnormalities on their own.

However, you shouldn’t rush to wear glasses just because your child can’t see.

This is because in growing children, the muscles in the eyes can contract and cause pseudomyopia.

1-1. Are glasses a good choice?

If you fit the glasses at this time, there is a risk that your eyesight will be fixed in that state and remain permanent myopia.

Increased learning time, increased computer games, and increased TV viewing, the phenomenon of pseudomyopia is increasing

When fitting glasses, it’s most obvious that the ophthalmologist checks for controlled paralysis for accurate results

By loosening the control muscles of the eye, you can find out not only pseudomyopia but also refractive control endosclerosis.

Prevention of pseudomyopia is more important than anything else. To prevent nearsightedness, try to look as far away as possible

It is recommended to lie down and read books or avoid reading in dark places.

2. Points to take care of eye health

Children in adolescence who care about their friendship and appearance, beware of wearing smartphones and color lenses!

Middle and high school students who are sensitive to their surroundings value their appearance and friendship

During this period, the time to wear color lenses or use smartphones increases

It can adversely affect eye health, so you should be careful.

​1) Smartphone

Using a smartphone for a long time can cause myopia and dry eyes

To keep your eyes healthy, you should not use your smartphone for a long time.

If you have normal eyes, within an hour, and if you have dry eyes, within 30 minutes is the most appropriate

If your eyes are bloodshot or you feel foreign substances, it is recommended to close your eyes for a while and take a rest.

2) Color Lens

At an age when you are interested in appearance, you usually use color lenses to make your eyes look pretty

At this time, if you use color lenses incorrectly, your eyes may become murky and vision correction may be difficult later.

Color lenses stick to the cornea and interfere with the oxygen supply to the eyes, resulting in blood vessels in the whites of the eyes or cornea

It is recommended to be careful because it may cause blurred eyes and cause bleeding or infection when receiving laser vision correction.


“I’m unhappy”. Adolescent mental health emergency

The number of teenagers aged 10 to 15 who are not satisfied with their lives has almost doubled in 10 years.

Teenagers dissatisfied with their lives

According to the Children’s Society website, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Essex found that 6.7% of British teenagers aged 10 to 15 in 2018 were unhappy, twice as much as 3.8% in 2009 to 10.

Since this figure was a survey conducted before the COVID-19 era, it recorded a high number even though the negative impact of COVID-19 was not included. Factors that teenagers are dissatisfied with their lives include school life, relationships with friends, and concerns about their appearance.

“Children’s welfare has been on the decline for 10 years and it is very painful,” Mark Russell, head of the Children’s Society, told the media Guardian. He added, “The unhappiness I feel at this time can be a warning signal for potential problems in my late teens.”


The probability of mental disorders can increase before the age of 20.

According to the report, 14-year-olds who are actually dissatisfied with their lives are quite likely to have mental health problems before they turn 17.

Based on the findings, Russell stressed that the government should develop an action plan to improve children’s welfare, evaluate children’s happiness every year, and improve access to appropriate mental health services.

Tom Madders, director of the mental health charity Young Minds, told the Guardian: “It is shocking to see the level of happiness of young children and young people falling further and thousands of people are generally dissatisfied with their lives.”

“The past year has been incredibly difficult for many young people struggling to cope with social isolation, loneliness, and worries about the future,” he said. “But COVID-19 is only part of the pressure they feel and faces many other pressures that adversely affect their lives.”


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