World laughter Day

What better way to bring out a child from a groom

than presenting him a bunch of colourful balloons.

And if it happens to be a balloon party

They all are at cloud Nine

Playing and dancing they enjoy

Saying all these are mine.



Today is the world laughter day,

Laugh and smile, be happy and gay

Laugh and laugh, laugh a lot

It makes you happy, doesn’t anything cost.

The celebration of the World laughter day is a positive gesture towards world peace, an effort to build a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter as it makes the body release certain “feel Good “ hormones which generate happiness,warmth,love,tolerance,forgiveness,generosity and compassion.

We at DPS Pinjore made the children laugh and enjoy in an Inter house Hasya Kavita Path competition. Kavi after Kavi from presented their humorous poems getting their due in the form of appreciation as each one of them was applauded by the audience whole heartedly. This joy- cocktail of Laughter made everyone enjoy the present moment to the hilt as laughter brings a person totally in the present .

The result of this competition is as follows

Individual Category

First Position Alankrit Kadian class 5A

Second Position Jashan Garg and Aryan K. Abbot class 4B and class 5A respectively

Third Position Roshni Sood and Arman Puri class 3A and 4B respectively

House wise position

First position Ganga House

Second Position Jhelum House

Third position Sutej house

Tiny –tots of classes Pre-Nur –class 2 made merry in a laughter day party organized to make them have a feel of this special day in a special way

Arnav Aggarwal of class 7 spoke on the topic “Why We Celebrate Laughter Day .He shared the knowledge with all his school mates how, who and with what purpose gave the concept of this day.

Be happy and spread happiness all around –was the message of the day.

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