Time To Think And Act Upon

Dr. (Ms.) Kiran Prabhakar

We are the world
Then why is our behaviors so absurd
Why are we bent upon piling problem over problem
The problems whose solution are difficult to find for ourselves and the entire mankind
Why are we denuding the jungles?
Why are we cutting the trees?
Why are we polluting the waters?
Why are we polluting the air
Does anyone, any of us care?.

Violence dominates our nature
Our thoughts, our deeds, our actions are being driven by this evil
We can’t anymore be called cultured and civil
We have lost our patience & cool,
Are we thinking, are we aware?

Affection, Truth, Honesty these Values are no more much in practice
Afflicted by hatred narrow-mindedness & selfish motive
the world seems to be filled with this malice
Are we doing something about it
Do we have no time to stand & stare?

We all must stop and think
Think how we can revive the beauty & charm of our planet
How we can make change the situation
change it for better.
How can we make this world a better place to live in
How we can spread happiness outside & deep with in
Lets be the change that we propose
Everyone contributing, whole heartedly, to every cause
Actions speak louder than the words
Let everyone be instrumental is being Heard

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