World Population Day Observed At DPS Pinjore

DPS sites from Pinjore, as responsible and concerned citizens, took upon themselves to spread awareness about the problems and harmful effects of the ever-increasing population. The ever growing number of people means over use of the resources which leads to scarcity of food and also causes land air, water pollution, being a cause of unemployment, dissatisfaction, leading to violence, corruption and umpteen number of related problems that are making this world a difficult place to survive. Then how can people lead a happy, contented, peaceful, harmonious life- Its we, you and I – all, have to be a part of the drive to control the problem of over population.


To mark this day, a special assembly was conducted in which students presented speeches, poems, facts to spread awareness amongst one and all.

PPTs on growing population and its effects were made by the children. Also creative writing competition on population explosion was held. Children were asked to make colourful posters. An awareness drive was taken up by the students of class XI and XII to make the people in the vicinity aware about the ill-effects of population explosion.

The Principal Mr. Samson Masih addressing the students said that it has to be a joint effort of the Government and the people to curb the menace of over population and save some resources for the future generation.