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Know More about Dealing with Defiant Children

Children at a young age or in their adolescence for sure turn defiant for their parents. The behaviour of children sees a sure upgrade from every previous stage to a new one. This may be dealt with but it has to be done in a proper manner so as to … Continue reading

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Develop positive child discipline easily now

Getting attracted to bad habits and behaviour is far easier for children than it is to adopt good and positive behaviour. Kids tend to overlook the positive aspects of their surroundings and bad behaviour seems to take the lead and come on the forefront. It is important to stem this at … Continue reading

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Problems of obese kids: causes, effects and treatment

There has been seen a steady and dangerous rise in the cases of obesity becoming a common occurrence in children, mostly infants and younger kids. As the age increases, the percentage of occurrence of obesity increases all the more, as the children grow. A lot of health problems are caused by the … Continue reading

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Time To Think And Act Upon

Dr. (Ms.) Kiran Prabhakar We are the world Then why is our behaviors so absurd Why are we bent upon piling problem over problem The problems whose solution are difficult to find for ourselves and the entire mankind Why are we denuding the jungles? Why are we cutting the trees? … Continue reading

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  “Service before self”   This motto is our guide   It gives us direction and   Stays by our side.   We work hard and give   Our best everyday.   We overcome all hurdles   That come our way       Chorus : With the confidence to … Continue reading

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