May 9, 2017

In order to instill democratic values and teach the students the process of elections and the constitution of Parliament, the School Parliamentary elections were held in Delhi Public School, Pinjore. Students of classes VI to XII actively participated in this process. This mega event   commenced with the announcement of Elections. Nomination of the candidates was made by the Class Teacher for Classes 6 to 8 and by the House In-Charge for Classes 9 & 10. Campaigning time was  given to the elected students during assemblies and in the first period in classes. The students casted their votes for Prime Minister and six Cabinet Ministers.  The final verdict of the voters will emerge with the announcement of the results on May 18. The school Principal Ms. Amita Dhaka motivated the members to follow the path of diligence with  honesty and perform their duties with utmost sincerity  so as to raise the standard of the institution.


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