Know More about Dealing with Defiant Children

Children at a young age or in their adolescence for sure turn defiant for their parents. The behaviour of children sees a sure upgrade from every previous stage to a new one. This may be dealt with but it has to be done in a proper manner so as to keep it healthy for the growth and development of the personality of the child.

Defiant children usually develop this problem due to their non-compliance of behaviour with what is required by their parents or teachers. Defiance may stem from any kind of frustration and anger in the children due to

demands not met or anything similar. Aggressive behaviour is also a part of the defiant behaviour of children and this can have certain aftermaths since the behaviour can get aggressive as well if not controlled at the right time. However, it is very important that the right tactics are used by parents to deal with such behaviour of children. Some tips that can be used to deal with defiant children effectively are:

• Since the bad behaviour of the children is scolded for, good behaviour too should be acknowledged. However,
the appreciation for good behaviour should be five times more than the scolding that a kid receives on bad behaviour.

• If a negative reinforcement has to be given to the children, the parents have to make sure that it is done within ten seconds of his/her objectionable actions.

• A calm attitude of the parents is very important in setting an example for the children. Usually angry parents have angry children. To avoid this, the best way is to be patient with children.

• Parents should make it very clear to the children as to what they expect from them. Clear instructions should be meted out with exact words as to how the children should behave whether out of the house or with guests.

• Giving some power to children is very important since they should know how to take decisions for themselves. Rather than fretting over the parents’ decisions, they should be given to take and then ponder over their decision to develop better understanding.

• Parents should not make false promises to their children so as to cool their children down from their defiant attitude and aggressive behaviour.

• Keeping a good communication with children is very important since they can vent out their feelings if they find a good place of reception.

The right way to deal with your defiant child in case he behaves in a very defiant manner should be used. This will make the children learn better how he can behave himself and have a better approach for behaving in an acceptable manner.


Defiant children have to be dealt with care so that their problem of anger and frustration can be solved healthily. Some good ways to tackle such a situation include being patient, punishing them immediately after their wrong act, not making false promises, etc.

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