Humorous Skit Presentation

15-05-2013 Akbar-Birbal, Mulla Nasruddin, Tenali Rama and Jaspal Bhatti are the names from a distant and recent History who bring a smile to your face with just the mention of their names. And when it comes to enactment of these characters, children can do wonders. Dressed appropriately as Akbar, Birbal, Maharaja Keshav Dev, Tenali Ram, Mulla Nasruddin and Jaspal Bhatti and his wife Dolly, students of classes 6,7,8 and 9 presented humorous skits prepared by their teachers Ms. Meenakshi Mohan, Ms. Nimisha Talwar and Ms. Dimple Jinsi. Birbal was made to look for ten Idiots by Badshah, Tenalirama, with his wisdom saved his king from embarrassment. Nasrudeen on the other hand uncovered the misdeeds of a cheater. Jaspal Bhatti created humour at the shopping plaza and his wife Dolly was unmatched in questioning him. The children had a nice time, enjoying these skits each one of which was appreciated with loud applause.

A day before on Wednesday class XII students had presented a humorous play ‘Maa’ which was conceived written and directed by Nav Kiran.

As the school closes for the Summer vacation, humour and laughter are the best medicines to be carried home to relax and enjoy.

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