Shemford Junior wing
Our junior wing is a child’s dreamland with colourful, attractive Activity Hall, Plasma TV room and thoughtfully conceived surroundings. Replete with activities such as Reading, Painting, Story-telling, Make Believe Games, Scribbling Boards, Jumbles, Jigsaws, Building Blocks, E – Blocks, Finger Painting, Clay Modelling, Paper Tearing, Folding and Pasting and a lot more. In an effort to make learning fun, easy and interesting, numerous innovative ideas are continuously explored. The outdoor Playpen has swings, slides, jungle gym and a variety of climbers and other equipments. A revolutionary theme based curriculum is followed which is a unique mixture of the Montessori & American System modified according to the needs of Indian children.

The Pre-Primary Wing uses E-Blocks: A motivational Learning Tool
Apart from Robotics Lab for senior students, we, at Shemford Pinjore, have ‘E-blocks’ in our Pre-Primary Wing (from Pre-Nursery to Class 11). ‘E-blocks’ is an interactive software that serves as a motivational learning tool for children from 4 to 10 years of age. This tool creates a unique teaching-learning experience that combines multimedia software (with the use of pictures, animal, music & games) and concrete learning material. Moreover, ‘E-Blocks’ provides unlimited hands-on experience for the children, which makes learning fun, interesting & engaging for them.

Although ‘E-blocks’ is used primarily to teach the concepts of English and Mathematics, we have incorporated this teaching tool into our entire curriculum. Through ‘E-Blocks’, the use of concrete material coupled with abstract computer generated stimuli fosters the development of cognitive skills in the growing children. Moreover, they learn to work as a team, which in turn enhances their cooperative skills. Besides this, the kinesthetic, auditory & visual exercise provided by the manipulation of the E-Blocks provides a wholesome learning experience for the young students.

Shemford Senior Wing  
Ultra Modern SMART CLASSROOM Technology – The Shemford Pinjore SMART CLASSROOM technology is a world-class technology enabled teaching tool in special classrooms are equipped with multiple display monitors and big screen plasma TVs and a PC for the teacher, which are digitally connected to the knowledge centre. Through the knowledge centre excellent teaching resources such as animation clips, videos, pictures, diagrams and working models etc. are brought straight in the classroom.

Language Development Programmes through the Language Lab
The Language Development Programme supports students whose learning styles have created barriers to academic progress and also to remove accents and any hesitation that the child may have in speaking a language. This programme is designed to help them develop awareness of how they learn, improve their language skills and help them internalise the study routines that facilitate the learning process. We offer English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi and French as taught languages. If the child wishes to opt for any other language, the child may be permitted to do it under self study with the Principal’s authorization.

Science Park
The Shemford Pinjore Science Park, the first in Haryana, is an innovative and novel concept of teaching science to the students through the ‘learning through doing’ method. The open-air play models and exhibits explain various formulas and principles of Physics and General Science. Live models related to Newton’s Disc Persistence of Vision, Musical Pipes, Lever Arm, Transfer of energy etc. have been installed on the lush green lawns of the Shemford campus. This is an endeavour to help our children develop a scientific attitude and to understand the application of basic concepts of Science in their daily lives. The interest that the Science Park generates is also reflected in the children’s attitude towards other subjects at the school.

Comprehensive Laboratory Systems
To enhance the learning ability and skill and impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school has a large number of modern laboratory systems, including:

Biology (Life Sciences)
Social Sciences(History & Geography Museums)
Art & Craft Studio
Outdoor Science Park

Music & Dance Room
Children are taught folk, light and classical music along with instruments such as sitar, harmonium, bongo etc. Children are taught to appreciate music and dance by a team of dedicated and talented teachers of melody and rhythm. The fundamentals of various dance forms are also taught to students who have a passion towards dancing by Indian & Western dance teachers.

Keeping Pace with the Technological Advancement: Robotics Lab
With a revolutionary growth in technology, there is something new to learn every day for students who want to excel in this competitive world. We, at Shemford Pinjore, provide our students with latest tools and technologies, to make them prepared for this competitive world. To incorporate latest technology into our curriculum, we have introduced Robotics Engineering, which is one of the latest branches in science & technology, through our Robotics Lab. Based on the theory of multiple intelligence, the Robotics Lab provides ‘edutainment’ for our students and brings science & technology to the classroom, to create a technologically enriched learning environment for them. The Robotics Lab has been designed to help the children develop the essential life skills, such as problem solving, analytical thinking so that they become more creative & innovative. In addition, children are given training and hands-on experience in the creation of robots, which is both fun and exciting experience for them. Further, our high-tech Robotics Lab opens the door for them to enrich their knowledge & technical know-how, so that they can choose Robotics Engineering as a career.

To exemplify the efforts that we put in to make our students tech savvy, Saransh Chaudhary and Pranav Naidu, two talented Roboteers from our school, brought laurels to the institution by representing us in the Roboteers Workshop held at IIT Bombay, which is one of the prestigious engineering colleges in India. The Model prepared by these students won the 4th place at the International level, which speaks volumes of their remarkable achievement and our efforts in imparting the required training to them, through our Robotics Lab. Further, we will prepare more and more Roboteers to represent our school at such wide platforms.

Interactive Board Facility
With rapidly changing times and the increasing use of technology in the education industry, more and more technological teaching aids are being used to enhance the teaching-learning process. Interactive Board is one such tool, which is composed of several features that motivates and makes learning much more interesting & easier for the students. The Interactive Board used at Shemford Pinjore is loaded with unique features, which facilitates the visualization of the course content and other information. This in turn helps our students to learn the concepts easily, in an interesting and interactive way. Moreover, it increases their retention for a longer period of time. Besides this advantage, the Interactive Board, with its compatibility to different learning styles and its unique ‘Quiz Tool’, has become a hot favourite amongst our students. This integration of educational technology with courses helps us to deliver excellent results. Moreover, students of senior classes are benefitted immensely, as the Interactive Board not only provides them with computer- based & web-based learning, but also works as a Bulletin Board, Quiz Tool & TAM, which fulfills our aim of providing an inclusive learning environment for our students.

Art & Craft Studio
To suffice the artistic appetite of the young creators, painters and craftsmen, the school building has in itself a spacious art and craft work station. The children are encouraged to create their own colourful interpretations of what they see around them. Under the able guidance of the Art and Craft teacher, the children undertake many fun-filled projects involving cutting, pasting, drawing and colouring which are displayed in specially designed display windows for appreciation and encouragement.

Well Stocked Library
Self study and reading are important skills towards developing the habit of life-long learning which is an indispensable tool for future careers. For this purpose a well equipped and stocked library with different types of books, magazines, periodicals, and newspapers is available. Every child is inspired and encouraged to go to the library during library periods as well as in free time. A qualified librarian is appointed to maintain the library which has been especially designed with a beautiful view of the Shivaliks.

Transportation for Day Scholars
School transport is available for Panchkula, Kalka, Parwanoo, Baddi, Surajpur, Zirakhpur, and other neighbouring areas.
The transportation charges depend on the distance of the school from the branch.

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