Shemford EMC

The Shemford Education Management Centre  
The goal of the Education Management Centre (EMC) is Educational Equity and Excellence in Expansion. It provides academics and human resource support, organises orientation programmes, exposure visits to more schools and other capacity building programmes for teachers across the Shemford network.
EMC: Activity Dimensions

Human Resource Development
Programs for Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Students, Parents and the Community

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Management
Education Technology, Curriculum Planning and Transaction, Evaluation, Monitoring and Reporting, Innovation Management, Information Databank.

Performance Monitoring of ShemfordS Projects
Management Audit, Education Audit, Social Audit, Performance Monitoring Educational Enhancement Support & Information Databank of Schools

Event Management
Visual and Performing Arts, Games and Sports, Academic Fairs, Conferences, Seminars, Cultural and Academic Exchange Programmes (National & International)

Educational Consultancy and Project Management
Academic and Administrative support to new projects as well as outside agencies

Social Development
Universalisation of Primary Education and Community Development Initiatives
Satellite Based Distance Education Initiatives & EMC Publications
Higher Education & Research in Collaboration with National and International Agencies.

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