Dr (Mrs) Bimla Arora in conversation with Dipsites, Pinjore

Q1 As an Educationist what do you think is the most challenging task faced by the teachers today?
Ans. Teachers are the mentors. Their role as facilitators has increased many a fold. It is a challenge for every teacher to ensure that children develop their potential to the interest and are instilled with humane values. A teacher must ignite a flame amongst students to sensitize them towards the environment, so that they are imbued with personal integrity and intellectual ability.

Q 2 Ma’am you have been instrumental in bringing in a change for the better, Could you please throw light on sustainable development.
Ans. Sustainable development is the preservation of our existing resources for the future generations. Sustainable development, coupled with human values, in my opinion, forms a sustainable society.

Q3. What according to you, Ma’am is the main cause of turmoil in our times?
Ans. I think greed, excess deprivation of many at the cost of a few…. The ever widening gap between the Have and the Have Not’s is one of the main factors behind today’s social turmoil.

Q4. Ma’am how can we, the students contribute in making this world a better place to live in?
Ans. Children, you are the world, you are the future. If your shoulders are strong enough to carry the responsibility, the battle can be won with ease. Hope lies in individual effort — all of us can and must try to make a humble beginning at our individual level for bringing in the desired change. We must live and let live. Practice democracy in the family and in our lives everywhere.
But individual efforts are not enough .We have to build a network among different groups, organizations, and people belonging to different professions who need to come together to create a New world.

Q5. What do you think about our Drive to work together for a better tomorrow?
Ans. Well, Your Efforts are laudable. You, the children can be the Best agents to bring in the change. By taking up this cause itself, you are headed in the right direction. Every class has highlighted various problems with a possible solution to control and curb the drastic effects; this in itself is an appreciable beginning.

Q6. Any Message for us Ma’am?
Ans. May God Bless you in your efforts— Be inspirational- – – Always work with a conviction that your honest thoughts can be turned into realities.


Dr.(Mrs.)Bimla Arora is a member of Management of DPS Pinjore and is the Founder Director of Shemrock Group of Schools. She has been honoured with a number of national and International awards in recognition to her contribution in the field of Child education.

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