DPS Pinjore Celebrates World Literacy Day

Fortunate are those who have had the opportunity to study and become literate. Literacy makes one privileged and prepares him to accept the challenges of life with courage and conviction that ‘I can overcome any hurdle’ The children were made to realise that there is no match in the fate of a literate and illiterate person therefore it is the responsibility of every educated person to share and impart his knowledge to the less fortunate illiterate people. There is no age bar on learning. One can teach people of any age and help them to overcome many hurdles caused by illiteracy. The message of the special assembly conducted to celebrate this day was.


If each one to teach one.

There will be illiterate none.

Children presented poems, thoughts and gave talk on the significance of celebrating this day.

The Principal Mr. Samson Masih also urged the students to share their good fortune with the Have- nots and make them equipped with the three most important  Rs ‘Reading, Writing, Arithmetic’

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