May 9, 2017

In order to instill democratic values and teach the students the process of elections and the constitution of Parliament, the School Parliamentary elections were held in Delhi Public School, Pinjore. Students of classes VI to XII actively participated in this process. This mega event   commenced with the announcement of Elections. Nomination of the candidates was made by the Class Teacher for Classes 6 to 8 and by the House In-Charge for Classes 9 & 10. Campaigning time was  given to the elected students during assemblies and in the first period in classes. The students casted their votes for Prime Minister and six Cabinet Ministers.  The final verdict of the voters will emerge with the announcement of the results on May 18. The school Principal Ms. Amita Dhaka motivated the members to follow the path of diligence with  honesty and perform their duties with utmost sincerity  so as to raise the standard of the institution.



Dance is the original most ancient form of human expression. It is an integral part of human existence and the universal language. Every year International Dance Day is celebrated to celebrate this art form and revel in its universality, to cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and bring people together in peace and friendship with a common language – Dance. Keeping in solidarity with the world, DPS Pinjore also celebrated ‘World Dance Day’ with great zeal and enthusiasm on April 29th, 2017. Students presented scintillating dance performances in the presence of the parents on the orientation function organised on the same day. Everyone enjoyed them thoroughly. The Principal Ms. Amita Dhaka appreciated the efforts of the participants.


Delhi Public School, Pinjore has always encouraged and taken various initiatives to provide innovative and creative hands on experiential learning to their students. This approach aims at providing a common platform to all the students and teachers to pursue their natural curiosity, gain experience and give shape to their innovative ideas in various subjects like Science, Commerce, Psychology and many more learning spheres. Joyous children bubbling with energy, talent and creativity celebrated the OPEN DAY, a grand amalgamation of art, talent and creativity with vivacity on 24th Dec, 2016 at DPS Pinjore. The school was abuzz with a plethora of activities. Exhibition of various subjects showcasing students’ creativity, scientific & mathematical skills, computing skills, language skills, artistic skills and sports skills highly impressed the parents who were invited to come, encourage and motivate the students. Vacuum cleaner made up of discarded bottle, washing machine run by pedaling bicycle, automatic magnetic power saving street lights, project on global warming, seven wonders of the world and laser technology based automatic security system were the highlight of Science exhibition. They were competent enough to be a building block for a would be start up.  The ‘Circus’ and ‘Save Nature’ display by the tiny tots stole the heart of one and all present besides strongly conveying the message of protecting animals and nature. The newly added 3D Science lab, Synthetic skating rink, badminton and lawn tennis court were the centre of attraction for the visitors.Felicitation ceremony was held in the school to decorate those who had been meritorious in academics and other co-curricular activities. An impressive cultural programme with Christmas fervour and enthusiasm marked the day. Dr. D. R. Arora, Pro-Vice Chairman, DPS Pinjore, Dr.(Mrs.) Bimla Arora and Dr. (Mrs.) Inderjit Singh, ex – Professor, Head of the Department, Food & Nutrition, Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana, graced the occasion with their benign presence. They lauded the efforts of the students and congratulated them for their accomplishments. The Principal, Ms. Amita Dhaka wished everyone merry Christmas and a happy new year and urged the students to be conscientious, dedicated and sincere in whatever they do.

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Delhi Public School organized its 1st DPS Khanna Invitational Golf Tournament on the 27th of November, 2016. A number of teams from different DPS Schools participated in the tournament.  Whereas Yuveraj Dhara of DPS  Pinjore secured the second position &  Abhimanyu  Dhara of  DPS  Pinjore clichéd the third position in the ‘Eight Hole Round’ event. Abhimanyu  Dhara of DPS Pinjore made the school proud by grabbing the prize for ‘Nearest to Pin’ event. Yuvraj Dhara has brought laurels to school many times by playing Golf at National Level Golf Championship.



With an aim to promote the importance of the Constitution, to educate school students about the features of the Supreme Law of India and to commemorate the day the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, DPS Pinjore observed Constitution Day on 26th November 2016. A plethora of activities were held to honour Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution and to make the students aware about our Constitution. Mass reading of the Preamble of the constitution and an informative assembly was conducted to mark the day. Speeches, Poems, amazing facts about the Constitution were presented. An impressive mime depicting the making of the Constitution was the highlight of the day. A mind boggling Debate on ‘Demonetisation – a good step towards development’ was organized in which the School Cabinet members presented their views open-heartedly & made everyone present ponder over the issue. The school Principal, Ms. Amita Dhaka, made the students aware about the significance of celebrating the Constitution Day.