Delhi Public School Pinjore Organizes A Get Together For Class IX & X – An Occasion to Rejoice and Make Merry

A Get-together party is a long cherished wish come true for every child who reaches class 10. Come February and everyone is seen busy making preparations for the occasion. This year the celebrations were scheduled for February 12, 2010 at 10:00a.m. in the beautiful school campus. Class IX students extended a ceremonial welcome to class X, who were dressed in their best – the boys in their smartly stitched suits and ties looked handsome, while the girls looked lovely in their ‘Net Sarees’. The DJ gave the required rhythm to the party. Every X standard student was given a token of love by the teachers. The best dressed Boy and best dressed Girl titles were won by Hemant Malik and Aishwarya Choudhary respectively.

A hilarious Skit ‘CID’ presented by the class IX boys stole the show which also comprised of a foot tapping western dance by the girls and a musical rendition by Karan Verma of class 10, who was accompanied by Aman Sangal on the guitar.

The Principal Mr. Samson Masih while addressing the children wished them the very best for their forthcoming final exams, which he said, have become quite relaxed since the introduction of CCE.

Once the formal part of the party was over, the stage was open for the students to enjoy and dance to their heart’s delight on the latest numbers.

After this, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous lunch in the hostel mess.

Delhi Public School Pinjore bids adieu to class XII.

Delhi Public School Pinjore class XI students organized a wonderful party to bid farewell to class XII. Dressed up in their best the invitees boys and girls, some feeling shy and conscious, others all confident, came to enjoy the party. The hosts gave them auspicious, traditional welcome with the Tilak and flowers adding more colour to the happy smiling faces. The Titles based on the unique qualities of every student were given away by the teachers to this outgoing class made every student feel important and special.

Mr. Popular and Ms. Popular titles were bagged by Kumar Akshay and Navneet Kaur while the best dressed boy title went to Jim Blessing and best dressed girl title went to Shalaka Bhagwan.

Catchy, latest numbers played to add melody to the programme, set everyone’s feet tapping.

The Principal Mr. Samson Masih in his address to the students said that farewells arouse mixed feelings. On the one hand it feels good to see that the tiny tots who entered the school crying and feeling lost have grown up and are ready to take flight to some new horizons. He wished everyone the very best for their future and advised them to chose good friends and always adopt the just means to reach their goals.

Class XII presented a bouquet and best wishes card along with a beautiful gift for the school as token of love and gratitude.

The students also thanked everyone, specially the Principal and their loving teachers for the guidance and affection showered by them during their long tenure in the institution.

The party which started around 11 am continued till late in the afternoon as children danced to their hearts fill before enjoying the sumptuous lunch organized in their honour.

Lamp of knowledge illuminates DPS Pinjore

‘May the lamp of knowledge, a symbol of wisdom

Grant us boon of true freedom

Illuminating our hearts and mind

Making us wise, knowledgeable and kind

May it show us the path which is right

Every temptation, so that, we can fight

Emerging victorious with our goal in sight

Knowing the true value of righteousness and its might.

This was the wish of the students as they came to attend the Lamp of knowledge ceremony. Every year when its time for class XII to pass out, Lamp of knowledge ceremony is organized so that the legacy of the institution – the principles, code of conduct, values and wisdom is passed on by the seniors to their immediate juniors of class 11. For, its their turn to shoulder the responsibilities as the senior most class in the school. This year the ceremony was held on January 29, 2011. Class 12 students, each one of them, handed over the beautiful earthen lamps, symbolizing wisdom and knowledge to class XI students who held them with pride and care. The light from the lamps lit the tastefully decorated pandal adding serenity and piousness.

The ceremony began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Coordinator                               Dr. Kiran Prabhakar, who later addressed the students on behalf of the Principal urging them to be wise, dedicated, devoted and sincere in whatever task they undertake. She asked the twelfth standard to be cautious and use their discretion to distinguish right from wrong as once out of the school, they will no more be in a protected environment – they will have to behave more responsibly taking the right decision to be successful.

Jaipur Excursion by DPS Pinjore’s Children

250 children from classes 4 -12 enjoyed a trip to the Pink city just before the winter vacation. They left the school premises on December 15, 2010 and were back on December 20, 2010. bubbling with joy the children returned from the trip elated as they had the opportunity to visit the beautiful historical monuments – the Jaipur Fort, Jantar Mantar, JAl Mahal etc. They also enjoyed the sumptuous traditional Rajasthani food at Chauki Dhani. A visit to the world famous Rajmahal theatre was an added attraction besides the pleasure of shopping for everyone in the family. A great learning experience, it taught them the value of sharing and caring.

Republic Day Celebrations at DPS Pinjore

Delhi Public School Pinjore celebrated the Republic Day with a patriotic fervour today. The celebrations of this national festival began with the hoisting of flag after which the Principal Mr. Samson Masih addressed the students asking them to become responsible and worthy citizens of the country by being dedicated and devoted and contribute to the progress of the country.

The short cultural programme was studded with dances and patriotic songs, While a fusion dance presented by the young girls representing the emerging picture of the new India the blend of the new and old was mesmerizing, Man Samarpit, Tan Samarpit the group song depicted the feelings of the young patriot in its sincerity. Besides this, Facts about the great Indian republic and speeches made the children learn about the importance and significance of this day. The celebration concluded with distribution of sweets (Ladoos).