Activity Report for the month of April 2014

Welcome Assembly
April 1, 2014
A welcome assembly was organized to extend a hearty welcome to all our children in the new session. The school was abuzz with happy, joyous, excited children, bubbling with enthusiasm who greeted each other with warmth in their new classes. It is indeed a special occasion for the children to go to the new classes with new books, notebooks and new challenges. It was interesting to see the old students feeling relaxed and at home while the new ones looked a little apprehensive in the new setup and environment. Therefore to make them feel comfortable the teachers made special efforts with consideration and thoughtfulness.
Principal Mr. Samson Masih congratulated the children for going up the ladder of achievement. “With hard work and dedication, they can achieve success in every quarter of life”, he added. A welcome poem written by the coordinator Dr. Kiran Prabhakar summed up this assembly.

Welcome back to the school once again.
Going to a new class is today’s attraction main
Meeting your friends after the session break
Makes you feel so happy and great

Now that you are older by an year
It should be for you quite clear
To move ahead with a positive mind
Impossible is a word, in your dictionary you shouldn’t find.

Take your studies seriously from the very first day
So that in repentance you don’t have to say
Oh! I was not attentive, I’ve not scored well
Remember children in diligence the success mantra dwells

We, Principal Sir and all your loving teachers wish you all the best for this session
May you all succeed with the flying colors working with a passion
May God bless you every moment of the day
Lets all together for His blessings pray

We extend a special welcome to all the new comers
The new members who have joined DPS family Pinjore this summer.

World Health Day
April 7,2014
Simply Health Plus in association with Max- Super Specialty hospital conducted a session for female staff, titled-‘Preventive Health Care for women-need of the hour’.
Dr.Preeti Jindal , Senior Consultant (Gynae ) delivered an informative talk on the importance of preventive Health care which includes screening for early detection of diseases, before the sign & symptoms appear. Since most life style diseases are ‘silent’, regular checkups are the only answer. She said that preventive healthcare is all about identifying & minimizing the risk factors of a disease. It also involves improving the course of an existing disease as well as screening for early detection. Disorders which are particular to women such as UTI, cancer of breast or cervix call for preventive care.
Another important aspect is increase in the tendency of lifestyle disorders amongst women. With more & more women taking up challenging careers, stress level in them is increasing, warned Dr. Jindal. In addition to this the dual role most women are playing put ones health as the last priority; mortality & morbidity amongst the women is on the rise. In this scenario early recognition and prevention of disease becomes an integral part of the health care she reiterated.
School Principal Mr. Masih extended his thanks to both the groups for organizing such a valuable session in school.

World Heritage day
April 18, 2014
To help the children become responsible citizens of the world when they grow up, the importance of our heritage was emphasized upon on the world heritage day. Cultural richness is something to be cherished and adopted was the message given to the children. Collage making, poster making and painting competitions were held for the students of classes 6,7 & 8 to commemorate the heritage day. ‘We will preserve and care for the our inherited wealth- be it the monuments, literature or the customs’, the children vowed.
Earth Day Celebrations
April 22, 2014
Mother of all the mothers is in great despare,She needs to be cared for ,this was

the theme of the mother’s Day celebrations in the school on 22nd.May This thought and theme was expressed through posters, creative writing and paintings. Students of different classes gave speeches to spread awareness among their fellow students. The saplings were planted to make the premises all the more clean and green. The tiny tots were taken for a nature walk in the vicinity to make them feel one with the

Talent Hunt
April 21, 2014
To make the newcomers feel important and start feeling a part of the family, and also to tap their hidden talent, a Talent Hunt competition was organized in the school on April 21,2014. One after another the new students took to the stage to showcase their talent in singing, dancing narrating a joke,reciting a hasya kavita or narrating an anecdote. The whole school encouraged them with loud applause.

Workshop on Vedic mathematics
April 24, 2014
Vedic mathematics is an ancient method of solving mathematical calculations in less time and with ease which helps the children in learning this art so that they can have an edge over other competitors in the competitive exams. To teach the students this skill, a workshop on Vedic Mathematics was organized in for students of classes 6 to 10th. This workshop was conducted by the Pioneer Group.

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